Antler Chandeliers

When designing a room, oftentimes a showpiece is called for. This is the item that gets people talking about the decoration. New social contacts can ask about it and learn more about the designers. One of the rarest and most sought after showpiece items that can be used is the antler chandelier. 

Antler chandeliers are obviously created from antlers of deer and other antler growing creatures as they naturally shed their antlers. This occurs every year during shedding season. In some cases, outdoor people have simply come across the antlers. In other cases, the animals are monitored for their antlers. Antler chandeliers use several antlers combined together. These antlers swoop and dive through each other, creating beautiful shapes. An antler chandelier is a beautiful addition to many homes. While looking great, they will usually also provide beautiful lighting sources that can light up rooms in an energy efficient way. 

Lodge Chandelier Design

When decorating in a country style, the antler chandelier is right at home. In fact, it’s the antler chandelier that often makes it feel homey. Antler chandeliers provide a truly unique piece that can be the showpiece of any room. Typically when hanging an antler chandelier, it’s hung in the great room of a lodge. However, they can also look great outside on a covered deck, in a bedroom or in a dining room as well. They are far more versatile than many people realize.

The hardest part about choosing the right kind of antler chandelier is choosing the size of one. Antler chandeliers can hang lower than some other light fixtures as they often have a large amount of vertical size. Due to this, it’s the height of the room that is the most important. Choosing a chandelier that fits the height properly gives it exactly the look that it needs. 

Modern Antler Chandeliers

It’s true that antler chandeliers are most commonly used when decorating in a country style, sure. However, that doesn’t mean that more modern decorating spaces need to ignore the potential of antler chandeliers for their spaces. Antler chandeliers can provide that perfect finishing touch to a beautiful modern design. 

In most cases, synthetic antler chandeliers are more commonly used for modern decorating. There’s a reason for this. Natural antler chandeliers offer up an incredible natural beauty. It’s truly a shame to cover up or damage that appearance. When it comes to synthetic creations, the styling and appearance is similar, but it’s easy to alter. Many modern styles focus heavily on white or black as main color elements. An antler chandelier in one of those colors provides a shaped element to what often makes use of very straight lines. 

Top 5 “Routes”For Antler Chandeliers

If you’re curious about antler chandeliers and want to get more information on them, then it’s good to make use of varying resources. These resources talk about antler chandeliers and various aspects including maintenance or design tips. These five resources are a great place to start. 

  1. - This website is focused on all the varying aspects of building log homes. Floor plans and decorating tips are widely spread throughout. 
  2. Home Design Lover - this website is chock full of wonderful design tips for your home. This website in particular shows off a wide variety of beautiful antler chandeliers used in bedrooms. 
  3. The Cabin Shop - Looking to purchase an antler chandelier? The Cabin Shop carries a wide variety that can fit in any price range. 
  4. - Want to make sure that your decorating choices are going to be a hit? This design website has some great advice for figuring out exactly how to use your beautiful antler chandelier. 
  5. - Why not consider making your own antler chandelier? The interior design portion of this resource is dedicated to trying to help people create their own home furnishings. 

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