Futons: The Versatile Bed You Never Knew You Needed

What Is A Futon?

The modern futon is derived from a traditional Japanese floor bed. It consists of a plush quilted mattress and duvet that are laid out on the floor. The purpose of a futon is to maximize room space and allow a room to serve as more than just a bedroom.

The pliable elements of both items allow them to be folded and stored away to allow the room to be used for other purposes during the day. Borrowing and improving upon this sense of efficiency, the Western-style futon is similar to the Japanese-style futon but also varies in important ways.

The Western-Style Futon

The Western-style futon is also known by other names such as:

  • daybed
  • sofa bed
  • trundle bed

The main difference of a Western-style futon is that it has a frame that elevates it from the ground. The frame can be made of metal, wood, or a combination of the two. The frame can be bare and skeletal or it can be covered in upholstered cushions and lavish fabrics. A Western-style futon can also come in many different styles.

Futon Style and Versatility

A futon is so versatile that it can be placed into a bunk bed as the bottom bunk. For a touch of elegance, a futon can be ornate and resemble a chaise lounge. In a more modern take on the Western-style futon, a futon can have no arm rests and the frame can recline in varying degrees until lying completely flat, mimicking a normal bed.

A traditional Western-style futon will have arms and will not recline, but there are ones available that are armless. This is very beneficial to those who move a lot in their sleep or those who are very tall. A customer's personal needs and style will play a key role in the type of futon that is best for them.

Futon Advantages

A futon will not only act as a bed at night, it can also act as extra seating for guests during the day very similar to a sofa. In addition to providing extra seating, a futon can also act as a lounger with its extra plush matress-like cushion, reclined back support, and supportive arm rests. Futon beds can also be found with elaborate frames which hold drawers beneath the seat that are perfect for extra storage space to help de-clutter a room. A futon is the main choice for sleeping and seating by a person who lives in a small or studio apartment because the futon allows the most efficient use of a very limited living space.

Futon Disadvantages

While there aren't many disadvantages, one main con of a futon bed is that they aren't suited for tall people. Futon beds also have mattresses that aren't capable of the back and neck support that traditional mattresses offer. A heavier person could also find themselves damaging their futon frame because they can be less sturdy than a traditional bed frame.

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