The Types of Home Security Systems Available

Home security used to be a concern only for those who lived in high crime areas. Increasingly, homes outside those areas are being targeted. As a consequence, home security systems are in much wider use. Rare nowadays is the home without one.

Three Major Kinds of Home Security Systems

Owner Bought and Installed

Thanks to modern electronics, home security systems can now be purchased online or in the local electronics store. They are priced from around $100 to over $500. Many feature wireless installation, so the buyer avoids the high price of system installation. These systems normally include all the necessary features of the more common industry models, and they can be bought for a much lower upfront cost. Usually, no power tools are needed, and these systems are a fairly simple install right out of the box.

Company Installed and Company Monitored

This is how the security system industry began. Initially, they all had to be wired into the home’s electrical system, the wires routed to the various monitor locations throughout the house, and installed only by a company installer. The customer usually paid for the system upfront, and then the company charged a monthly fee for monitoring. Signs were placed in the yard or at the curb announcing to the potential thief the company the system belonged to.

Combination: Owner Bought and Installed-Company Monitoring

These owner bought and owner installed systems have made a game changing impact on the security system industry that once had a corner on the market. As more and more consumers turned to the more affordable option, the traditional security system installers had to find ways to remain viable and relevant. Soon, the companies began offering monitoring services only for these self-purchased and installed customers. Now, home security system customers have these three choices of how they wish to handle their home security needs.

Advantages of Each Type of Home Security System

The biggest advantage of the owner bought and owner installed system is the cost and convenience. Cost because it is cheaper, and convenience because they can install them, usually without tools and without paying an installer. You get the system protection without a major upfront cost.

For customers who just do not trust these cheaper systems, or their ability to get it installed correctly, the company purchased and installed monitoring system is best. Some people prefer to pay others to handle for them what they are not that familiar with. They also appreciate being able to leave it in the professionals’ hands.

Security system customers who find themselves in the middle can purchase the system and then buy the monitoring for their system. They get to avoid the upfront costs of the more expensive systems and still have the assurance that their home and property are being professionally watched over.

Which Home Security System Is Best?

That is a question with an easy answer. Sales figures tell the story better than any other indicator. The best, most effective home security systems are the top sellers.

Here is a list of the top selling home security systems, according to the most recent sales figures, in no particular order:

  • ADT Pulse
  • Vivint Smart Home
  • SimpliSafe Home Security
  • Protect America Home Security
  • Frontpoint
  • Link Interactive
  • Nest Secure

Top 5 Routes for “The Types of Home Security Systems Available”

  1. ADT Pulse - One of the first home security companies, it is still the leading home security company. It has been in the business many years.
  2. Vivint - Vivint is a SmartHome technology provider. It serves the US and Canada with multiple technology-based services.
  3. SimpliSafe - SimpliSafe Home Security offers great prices and there is no contract required. It is the CNET Editor’s Choice Award winner twice.
  4. Protect America - Protect America has been a home security provider for 25 years. They offer no installation fees, price match and a locked in rate.
  5. Frontpoint - Started in 2007, Frontpoint is a growing technology services company. They offer three service plans: Protection, Interactive and Ultimate.

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