BBQ Smoker

Smoked food has probably been enjoyed ever since the first caveman built the first camp fire. Since then, smoking has played an important role in the human diet by helping to preserve food, as well as flavor it. The ancient tradition of slow cooking meat, poultry and fish using low heat and smoke has become easier today than it has ever been with the advent of modern smoking equipment.

Classic Regional Smoked Dishes

  • Pork Shoulder In the American South, barbecue means smoked pork. Regional differences in spices and sauces definitely exist, as do preferences for which part of the pig is cooked. Pork shoulder is a favorite everywhere, though. Tender and juicy, smoked pork shoulder can be used for pulled pork sandwiches and even pork tacos or nachos.
  • Beef Brisket Now when Texans talk barbecue, the odds are that they are talking about beef brisket. Texas is cattle country, after all, and barbecue beef brisket has been called the state dish of the Texas Republic. A dry rub of spices, dried chile peppers and salt is always used and the meat is smoked until tender. Sauce is served on the side.
  • Whole Turkey This American classic is a favorite at Thanksgiving. Brining the turkey in a spiced salt brine is recommended. A whole turkey will require a large bbq smoker, but even smaller smokers can usually accommodate a single turkey breast. The traditional American Thanksgiving accompaniments include bread stuffing and cranberry sauce.
  • Smoked Salmon In the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, salmon is plentiful and enjoyed smoked. The smoking process aids in preservation and gives a unique flavor to the fish. The spice rub typically includes salt, pepper, dried dill and sugar or maple syrup. Alder wood is the traditional choice for smoking in the Pacific Northwest.

Top 5 Routes for "BBQ Smoker"

  1. Smoking Meat Forums These forums are great resource for recipes, cookbook recommendations and guidance on using a bbq smoker. New members can ask questions and receive instruction on the finer points of smoking foods. Most bbq experts are notoriously tight-lipped about their secret ingredients and heirloom recipes, however members on the Smoking Meat Forums are happy to share tips and advice.
  2. Texas BBQ Forums Another great forum for aspiring bbq artists, this one is focused on Texas-style barbecue. Forum members share resources on cookouts and bbq competitions. There are sections for the different styles of bbq smokers, from open pits to ceramic cookers and even advice on how to build one's own custom smoker. Those in search of Texas bbq secrets should make this forum their first stop.
  3. Lone Star Grillz The second site from the great grilling state of Texas, Lone Star Grillz specializes in creating custom made smokers and grills of all kinds. This is great place to see the different types of grills and smokers available, from ceramic egg-type smokers to travel trailer smoking units. Whether you are planning to design a custom smoker of your own, looking to purchase a ready made unit or just daydreaming, Lone Star Grillz is a great resource.
  4. Amazing Ribs Those who love the tender, smoky, falling off the bone experience of smoked bbq ribs will want to visit this website. With "The Science of BBQ and Grilling" as a by-line, this website is an incredible source for recipes, smoking techniques, and buying guides for smokers. Although ribs are the focus, other meats and vegetables are covered. The website is set up like an online course, with a table of contents to guide you through the available information.
  5. Big Poppa Smokers With an incredible range of unique spice rubs, sauces and bbq tools this website is a favorite for experts nationwide. They even provide a telephone hotline for answers to your grilling and smoking questions.

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