Intex Pools

Intex Pools

The ease of setting up a full-sized pool in the spring, without having to hire an outside contractor, is an attractive thought for many people who love to swim. Intex Pools give people the freedom to choose the best type of pool for their lifestyle without investing a ton of money. Intex pools are durable and perfect for anyone who does not want to worry about the hassles of a permanent swimming pool.

Choosing an Intex Pool

Intex has pools available for small, mid-sized, and large families. It is important to assess the size and depth desired before researching the different models that Intex has to offer.

A critical component of choosing an Intex Pool is to determine whether or not it is possible to prepare a flat piece of land in which to situate the pool. If the ground is not perfectly level, the entire swimming pool can collapse due to the uneven distribution of water weight.

Once all factors have been considered and the ground is ready, choose between these durable types of Intex Pools:

Easy Set

Just like the name, Easy Set is incredibly simple to set up. It is inflatable and only takes about ten minutes to get ready before adding water.

Metal Frame

The Metal Frame pool uses durable heavy-duty posts to support the accompanied liner. No tools are needed to put the frame together to form the structure for one of the most popular Intex designs.

Oval Frame

A cross between the Easy Set and Metal Frame, the Oval Frame for Intex pool liners works great on narrow property lines.

Prism Frame

The Prism Frame consists of steel tubing, which gives the pool a sturdy outer frame. The newest version of the Prism Frame pool has Hydro Aeration Technology. Hydro Aeration Technology ensures the quality, clarity, and overall cleanliness of the water.

Benefits of Intex Pools

Without a doubt, many people enjoy the simplicity of owning an Intex Pool. The following list highlights the primary reasons to invest in a pool by Intex:

  • Easy to follow set-up
  • Self Set-up
  • Low Cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Portable if Relocating

Top 5 Routes for "Intex Pool"

  1. Intex Intex's corporate website shows the various types of swimming pools available, along with the size and cost. It also contains a support section and helpful videos to answer frequently asked questions. includes a link to their store to access all Intex products.
  2. Intex Pool Site This site has all of the information needed to set up an Intex Pool. It provides detailed instructions regarding the preparation of the ground, suggestions on how to ensure safety during setup and use, proper chemical application, and much more.
  3. Cision PR Newswire This site recommends that swimming is an important part of cardiovascular health, and that Intex pools are beneficial to those who are on a budget. PR Newswire also provides information on the various types of Intex pools along with a few fun novelty products designed by Intex to increase physical activity levels through swimming.
  4. Swim University This site suggests several ways to upgrade the simple structure of an Intex Pool. Some ideas are to invest in a robotic vacuum, install an underwater light, and measure the chemical levels with a smartphone application.
  5. This site published an excellent article about how to patch Intex pool liners. Although Intex liners are thick and durable, sometimes age or accidental tears require attention to prevent leaks.

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