Kiddie Pools

Kiddie Pools

Kiddie pools are a necessity during the sweltering summer months, especially for families with children. They are also helpful for pets that might need to cool off. Many kiddie pools can accommodate adults too, and oftentimes they include unique and entertaining water features.

Pool Considerations

Families should consider a few things when determining which kiddie pool to purchase.

  • 4 Seater Pool The number of seats in a pool is one thing to think about when comparing kiddie pools. A 4 seater pool is ideal, because there are seats to accommodate a few people. The seats offer a place to cool off, relax and unwind while parents watch their children play. There are pools with bench seats and others with individual seats.
  • Size of Pool Parents should consider the size of the pool and the children's ages when deciding on a kiddie pool. They should make sure to check the manufacturer's suggested age since some pools work better for younger children, while others are more enticing for older kids. There are kiddie pools for wading and others for lounging.
  • Shade and Features Another consideration for parents is whether the pool provides shade for their children. A shaded pool is one way to prevent sunburns when the weather is hot. Additionally, some pools have included water features. The water features create the feel of a water playground with multiple activities to keep little ones entertained.
  • Setup Some kiddie pools take longer to set up than others. Parents should determine the preferred setup when researching kiddie pools. They should decide whether they would like a pool with a frame or one that inflates. An electric pump is a great tool for quickly inflating a kiddie pool without a lot of hassle.

Benefits of a Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are great for keeping children entertained. Furthermore, they can be kept cleaner than a public pool with regular water changes. Another benefit of a kiddie pool is that they provide outdoor exercise for your kids or pets. The best thing about a kiddie pool is that they can be taken down and stored when swimming season is over.

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  1. This website lists some of the best backyard pools on Amazon. It will help parents to choose a kiddie pool and find ideas for the best type of pool to fit their individual needs.
  2. Families should check out this site for a listing of the best kiddie pools of 2017, according to There are wading pools, giant pools, and even a duck pool on the list.
  3. This site lists fifteen of the best inflatable kiddie pools. There are lounge pools, baby pools, and play centers on the list. Parents can learn more about some of the best kiddie pools here.
  4. Mom Junction This site assists parents in deciding on the best pool for their children's needs. It lists factors to consider and recommends specific pools and where they can be bought. Parents can learn why their child will enjoy each pool and why the experts love each pick.
  5. This article focuses on how keep a kiddie pool clean. It provides tips and information so children and families can enjoy their time in a kiddie pool. Since kiddie pools are not usually equipped with water filters, it is important to keep them clean for safe fun.

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